About Us

What is Halal Map Japan?

Halal Map Japan is on a mission to create a better environment for Muslims visiting Japan. Our activities include making restaurants in Japan aware of Halal and promoting a Muslim-friendly environment that is considerate of Muslims. We also provide Muslims with information on halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in Japan. Our goal is to provide information and create a new community so that all Muslims who come to Japan can travel with peace of mind.

Our activities

Our team

Eisuke Yoshikawa (President & CEO)
After graduating from the E-business department of Asia pacific University in Malaysia, he set up Homegrow web production company.
Having spent some time in Malaysia, he realised the lack of knowledge about Muslims in Japan and set up a new service, Halal Map Japan, to make Muslims feel more at ease in Japan.
Currently active mainly on Tiktok and Instagram.